Be Selfish, Share Your Sunshine

Jan 10, 2019
Be Selfish, Share Your SunshineArtwork by Devin Bill

Take a moment. Think about what kindness means - to you, in your life.

Not nice.
Nice is polite and agreeable. Nice says pleasant things and tries to avoid (or ignore) unpleasantness. Some very nice people live by "if you can't say anything nice about someone, say nothing at all." They may smile a lot.

Being nice is not a bad thing. It need not be superficial. We could all use more manners, choose our words and actions more thoughtfully, talk less and smile more.

But kindness
(did you think about what it means to you?) is deeper. It has connective tissue. It is more personal. Generous, considerate. Affectionate, warm, even loving.

While each of us is attracted to different traits and behaviors, kindness is appreciated by just about everyone, young and old.

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