Love is Patient: Start With Yourself

Feb 2, 2019
Love is Patient: Start With YourselfPhoto by Pascal Chanel on Upsplash

Being patient with myself is not a strength - yet.

To give myself a fraction of forbearance and kindness I try to extend to others feels indulgent. And I don't consistently do a good job of being patient with other people. (In a future post I'll share my shame about how I reacted at an Athens restaurant recently.) But, 99% of the time, my patience is directed toward others.

My self-patience epiphany arrived yesterday when I FINALLY finished the last edits on a Medium article about what makes a good ally.

I knew I wanted to write about social justice work and what it means to be a white ally more than two weeks ago. I started on it immediately and worked no less than 50 hours on three different angles, which turned out to be this article.

To keep this blog brief, here's the gist:

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