Her home painted red:
throbbing heart within a grove of trees,
pulsing with mystery.
- Jody
I sleep through the night
On a bed of best intentions -
Kissed by God.
- Trudi
let it unfold
         from your anxious grip
release the corners
                     lean into the landing
- Tina
It’s so small
yet like a candle
a poem shines 
in a weary world.
- Jodi
How many times must we panic about "them" until we realize They are us?
- Marshall
my resolve is enough. 
my spirit rises in two small letters breathed deeply:
- Julie Ann
when people lead
leaders follow
said people 
in trees
to those on the ground
- Mara
Nothing happens 
when I don't try.
Failure is not as
certain as learning
- Jodi
Those we muster precious energy to hate 
unwittingly drain the life out of us
- Jodi
Foxhole rumbles
Bullets fly
I shiver under flashing sky
Clutching crumpled sepia tone
- Craig