I hold you.
Hum a prayer.
Kiss your hair.
Tilt water to your lips.
- Jadwiga
Half full or half empty? 
If one glass is within reach, 
there is hope.
- Jodi
Render unto Caesar 
what’s proscribed;
our purpose to love
cannot be measured 
in coin.
- Jodi
“I Just Called to Say I Love You”
Wonder dedicated, respectfully...
Love endures captivity
- Craig
A speck of dust
A flash in time
A love eternal, 
Outlasts the fear.
- Matt
You are just perfect at this 
Whole making me feel good thing,
Tea ninja
- Ali
clear the shelves
sweep the corners
toss the fear
and make room for love
- Liesl
I do not like your views
but I love your eyes--
open, searching, alive
- Jodi
Why do we speak of deserving love 
as if there exists anyone who doesn't?
- Jodi
I do not like your views but I love your eyes--open, searching, alive.
- Jodi