I do not like your views
but I love your eyes--
open, searching, alive
- Jodi
Why do we speak of deserving love 
as if there exists anyone who doesn't?
- Jodi
I do not like your views but I love your eyes--open, searching, alive.
- Jodi
Hatred's on the outside. 
Love's on the inside. 
Never judge a book by it's...
- Julie
Be yourself, 
Even if yourself isn't what's expected, 
It's you and can't be changed.
- Julie
Praise the rich earth for hanging on as I tired to shake my roots.
- Jodi
business venture
or excuse for like minded cousins to appreciate one another?
you decide.
No wonder he shrugged 
when he was supporting everything
by himself.
Lend a shoulder.
- Sarah
Sometimes I forget 
to tell you
that remembering
the story of us
changes everything
- Jodi
sometimes i forget that those i disagree with
need love as much as me
- 14 Words for Love